Chengdu International Science Fiction and Fantasy Conference

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A convention in Chengdu, Sichuan, China. It was launched in 1991 by Yang Xiao, then editor of Science Fiction World. The event is now biennial.

Con Dates Place Gohs, Notes
1 1991 Chengdu Combined with World SF: An Organization of SF Professionals conference.
2 1997 Beijing
3 August 25–26, 2007 Chengdu An estimated 4,000 Chinese fans attended.
4 November 10–12, 2017 Chengdu Robert J. Sawyer and Derek Kunsken from Canada; Taiyo Fujii from Japan; Neil Clarke, Michael Swanwick and Crystal Huff from the United States; Nick Wells and Phoebe Griffin-Beale from the United Kingdom; and Francesco Verso from Italy. Held in conjunction with the China Science Fiction Convention.
Conrep by Francesco Verso.
5 November 22–24, 2019 Chengdu Around 60 international members from 14 countries and 300 Chinese SF writers, scholars and fans attended. Now called China (Chengdu) International SF Conference.
Conrep by Jaymee Goh & Rafaela Yilun Fan.

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