A Change of Hobbit

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An SF bookstore. Owned by Sherry Gottlieb opened in 1972 in LA and survived until 1991.

Year Location
1972 Westwood area of LA
1980 -- January 11, 1981 1371 Westwood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA
January 19, 1981 -- 1853 Lincoln Blvd, Santa Monica
1989 1433 2nd St, Santa Monica

It had a disastrous flood in the mid-70s. In 1974 it teamed with Freelandia to organize a flight from Los Angeles to Discon II. In the 70s it was the object of a benefit energized by Harlan Ellison.

In 1974 it allowed the use of its name on a second store, Other Change of Hobbit in the Bay Area.

Store 19721991
This is an SF bookstore page. When a floreat "fl." is listed it records the dates for which we have evidence and may not be the store's entire span.