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Whatcon II was held on 23 through 25 May 1980 in the Champaign-Urbana, IL area. It was sponsored by ChUSFA and chaired by Bill Roper.

Fan Guest of Honor: Doug Rice. Pro Guest of Honor: Larry Niven. Toastmaster: Bill Higgins.

Other committee members included Alice Insley, Mike Bentley, Keith Thorne, Dave Ludke, and Bill Leininger.

M. David Johnson, who headed art show security, wrote a Whatcon II con report in his zine Conacs 5. He notes that "Programming was quite light at Whatcon. A trivia contest, radio show, sound effects contest, and a couple of panels were about it. Basically, Whatcon turned-out to be a party/relaxa-/filkcon..."

Johnson notes "those working with me were Emma Abraham, Rich Curth, Carole Kamber, and Dennis Kamber, all of Q-Q3 in Chicago, and Phil Kaveny of Madison, WI."

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