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Did you mean Sampo Productions?

An award given at Westercon for service to fandom by the Sampo Committee.

From the Westercon 33 Program Book: "The Sampo Award is presented each year at the Westercon for previously unrecognized services to fandom, to honor the "unsung heroes" of the science fiction fan community. The award takes its name from a magic handmill in Finnish folklore that grinds out whatever its possessor needs. Similarly, the Sampo Award honors those individuals who tirelessly produce the energy, work, and imagination that keeps fandom going.

The Sampo Award was created in 1970 by the now-defunct Sampo Productions (of Bay Area fandom) and was awarded by them until 1976. In 1977-1980 it was administered by an independent committee of judges sponsored by the Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society."

Award Reasonator 1970
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