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(1946 -- )

A fan and filker living in Los Angeles who first found fandom in 1964. He is a member of LAFA (and helps handle its mailings) and is also a member of LASFS where he served served one term as LASFS Treasurer, one term on the Board of Directors, and edited De Profundis for a year. He published the apazine Mallorn Leaf and a weekly zine, ______ (underlined spaces, pronounced "blank") for APA L.

Gold lived for a while in the Labyrinth Duquesne, then in a later slanshack, The Hill, a mansion on St. Andrews Place which held as many as 8 fans as well as serving as a meeting place for the LASFS for most of its 16 months of existence.

He met Lee Klingstein when her fan club, The Third Foundation, joined LASFS en masse. They became friends and married 2 years later. He assisted Lee with her fan publications, including convention songbooks and her monthly rolegaming APA, Alarums and Excursions, serving as proofreader and mimeographer. He assisted Lee in editing Tom Digby Along Fantasy Way for ConFrancisco, where Digby was an "Honored Guest", using the FrameMaker desktop publishing software to produce complex formatting effects that couldn't be done with a typewriter on stencil. He also assisted Lee and Lynn Gold (no relation) in publishing The Golden Gate Songbook, an unofficial filk collection that was distributed at ConFrancisco.

Awards, Honors and GoHships:

Video of interview with Lee

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