Tom Digby Along Fantasy Way

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Tom Digby Along Fantasy Way is a fanthology of 30 years of fanwriting by Tom Digby, produced for ConFrancisco, the 1993 Worldcon, where he was a fan guest of honor. The 58-page hc collection, edited by Lee Gold, features illos by Phil Foglio, Brad Foster, Teddy Harvia and Kaja Murphy.

The original edition was edited and "typeset" by Barry Gold in FrameMaker. The pages were printed out on ordinary white copier paper, then transferred to e-stencils by a Gestefax and run off by Barry on yellow ("canary") paper (except the cover, which was on "goldenrod") using a Gestetner model 460 mimeograph.

At that time, Framemaker only had one fixed-width font, courier, which was very light. In order to simulate the effect of typing on a stencil, Barry duplicated the page sections that used nonstopparagraphing and superimposed them, offset by ½ point to make the characters "heavier".

An expanded electronic edition was published in 2014.

Publication 1993
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