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(Did you want the Wayne Third Foundation, a club in Detroit?)

The Third Foundation (T3F) was an L.A. club and its eponymous clubzine, both 1967–70. (The name is a reference to Isaac Asimov's Foundation Trilogy.)

The first issue was #77 ("so we would have the Spirit of '76 to inspire us"), and the last issue #105. The club's mythos was that "We were founded at the The 'End of Eternity' to make sure that Hari Seldon was born on time." The club had the right to choose the editor, but it was usually edited by Lee Klingstein (later Lee Gold)

Lee (Klingstein) Gold says "I found organized SF fandom in 1967 at Westercon XX", including filking, then "A month later I attended my first LASFS meeting with copies for sale of The Third Foundation #77 (the fanzine's first issue), containing my first filksong: Oh, What a Beautiful Martian. One of the LASFSians who sang it that night was a fellow named Barry Gold, whom I married two years later."

T3F's main area of interest was fan fiction. T3F #77 contained the first installment of a serial, "Doomed Lensmen," a takeoff on Doc Smith's Lensman universe. Later on, it included "The Tales of the Third Foundation," with successive episodes written in rotation by various members of the club.

Issue Date Pages Notes
76 1967 Mythical first issue: #77 had "answers to last issues quiz" and "letters of comment" on the "previous issue".
77 1967 34 first issue; edited by James Shapiro
78 September 1967 40 edited by James Shapiro; Lee Klingstein is listed as "Ambassador from Academia"
80 1968 47
81 March 1968 40
82 May 1968 40 ed. Lee Klingstein
83 July 1968 41
84 September 1968 42
85 November 1968 44
86-87 January-April 1969 50
88 May 1969 40
89 July 1969 46
90 September-October 1969 56 Pages numbered 1-38, A-J. Cover by "Simpson"
91 November 1969 46
92 January 1970 42 "Year-ish". Cover by G. Barr. Internal evidence implies this was probably published in late Jan. 1970.
93 1970 42
94 1970 49
95 January 1970 45

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