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Greater Detroit includes the city itself, and the surrounding suburbs such as Oak Park, Southfield and Troy, Michigan.

See also: Ann Arbor and Michifen, which cover Detroit-associated events, as well.


During the 1950s through the ’70s, at least, Detroit was a fannish powerhouse. In more recent years, the center of fannish activity has moved outwards to the nearby college town of Ann Arbor.

The Detroit fans were visitors at the old Slan Shack in Battle Creek, but didn't form the Detroit Science Fictioneers till 1943. In 1945, they became the Hyperboreans, who discussed small amounts of stf and played a lot of chess. Ben Singer broke up the club by leaving atheistic pamphlets lying about the meeting-place (a public library) and by some atheistic tirades in public.

When Art Rapp and Bill Groover met the remnants of the Hyperboreans 30 January 1948 the Michigan Science Fiction Society, a state-wide, though Detroit centered club, was formed, Singer doing most of the organization work. (George Young promptly formed the name "Misfits" for the group.)

After the Blowup and Saginaw-based Art Rapp's resignation from the MSFS, local Detroiters formed the DSFL, which existed in a fashion for several years, giving off splinter groups like the Morgan Botts Foundation. Return of some members from service after the Korean War led to a renaissance in which Detention was held in the Motor City.

In the late 1960s and ’70s, Detroit fandom centered on the Wayne Third Foundation.

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