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Albacon (UK)
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(Did you mean an Albany, NY, convention?)

A convention series held in Glasgow, Scotland, from 1980 to 1998.

Convention Dates GoHs
Albacon 80 April 4-7,1980 (Easter) Jim Barker, Colin Kapp
Albacon II April 1-4, 1983 (Easter) Marion Zimmer Bradley, Avedon Carol, and James White.
Albacon 84 July 20-23, 1984 Norman Spinrad replacing Harlan Ellison
Albacon 85 July 19-22, 1985 Harlan Ellison, Anne McCaffrey, Colin Fine
Albacon III March 28-31, 1986 (Easter) Joe Haldeman, John Jarrold, Clive Barker, Pete Lyon
Albacon 87 June 19-22 1987 Brian Stableford, Josephine Saxton, Chris Boyce
Albacon 88 July 29 -August 1 1988 C. J. Cherryh, Heinz Wolff
Albacon 91 September 27-30, 1991 Alan Dean Foster, Chris Achilleos
Albacon 94 October 21-24, 1994 Robert Asprin, John Salthouse
Albacon 96 July 26-29, 1996 Harlan Ellison, Terry Pratchett, David Hardy.
Albacon 98 September 25-28, 1998 Ray Harryhausen, Diana Wynne Jones, Kim Newman, Ken MacLeod

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