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(1961 –)

Vincent Docherty is a British conrunner, from Glasgow, Scotland, now living in the Netherlands. He joined fandom at age 16, when he attended the first convention in Glasgow, Faircon '78.

While in his hometown and subsequently in London, he was a member of FOKT, the Strathclyde University SF Society and the One Tun.

He co-chaired two Worldcons, Intersection and Interaction, and has worked on a large number of other conventions, including chairing or co-chairing Invention, Albacon 85, ConTreaty, Smofcon 29, Smofcon 39 and the UK in '95 and Glasgow in 2005 Worldcon bids. He is very active in WSFS and Hugo Award administration and is regularly on convention programming, often as moderator.

He has dabbled in fanzines and co-edited two editions of Journey Planet: Dec 2017, which celebrated the 40th anniversary of conventions in Glasgow, and May 2023, which celebrated 45 years of his fannish jouney. He was therefore also part of 'Team Journey Planet' which received Best Fanzine Hugo nominations in 2018 and 2024.

Vincent is a collector of SF illustration art, including commissions such as the covers of the most recent UK Worldcon souvenir books. Also interested in music, he organised the major Symphony Orchestra events at Loncon 3, Dublin 2019 and Glasgow 2024.

He is a member of BSFA, NCSF, and NESFA.

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