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Fanzine edited by Chris Garcia and James Bacon. It began as a fanzine-in-an-hour program item at Eastercon in 2008. The first nine issues were edited by Garcia and Bacon, with Claire Brialey coming on board for issues 2-9. Subsequently, theme issues have often had guest editors.

Guest editors have included Pete Young, Yvonne Rowse, Emilly McLeay, Emma King, Colin Harris, Helen Montgomery, Vince Docherty, Alyssa Wales, Steven H Silver, Sara Felix, and more. Membership of what is known as "Team Journey Planet" varies from year to year based on who edited issues in any given year.

Each issue is themed, with most themes being in the realm of science fiction, fandom, or comics. Other topics have included historical personages, such as Richard III, historical moments such as World War I, or authors like Flann O'Brien. The editors have twice run bilingual issues, the first in English and Russian, and the second in English and Chinese.

Awards and Honors

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