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(1970 – )

Claire Brialey is a British fan, fanzine editor and con-runner who first found fandom in 1986.

Alongside fanzine and convention fanac, she has been a committee member for ZZ9 Plural Z Alpha (1989–94) and the BSFA (1996-2001); she was the awards administrator for the BSFA (2004–6, and 2008) and the FAAn Awards (2016), and a judge for the Rotsler Award (2007–14) and the Arthur C. Clarke Award (1999–2000). She has managed the UK treasuries for GUFF and TAFF for some years, and continues to help with organisation of auctions and other fundraising (including as part of the UK League of Fan Funds since 2003).

Her first convention committee was Eroticon Six in 1991, followed by Vocon (1993), Inconceivable (1994) and Inconsistent (1996). While running small fun conventions she somehow joined the Board and committee for the 1995 Worldcon (Intersection, in Glasgow) and turned to the committee for the 1998 Eastercon (Intuition, in Manchester) as light relief. With her partner, Mark Plummer, she has been on con committees for Corflu (a fanzine convention) in 2010 and 2015, and ConRunner 4 in 2017; they have also worked together on publications and programme for other Eastercons and British Worldcons.

Her other work on conventions has included promotions, memberships, finance, overseas agent, GoH liaison, volunteer management, and chairing. She joined the committee of the online Punctuation 2 in 2021 and is on the committee for the 2023 Eastercon (Conversation), after which she might or might not give up conrunning again, until the next time.

Claire was the letters editor and copy-editor for James Bacon & Chris Garcia's Journey Planet from 2008 to 2011, and has provided proofreading, copy-editing and research assistance for a wide range of other convention, fan fund, and fan-related publications. She was elected President of ANZAPA in 2010, 2012, 2014, 2018, and 2021.

She and Mark Plummer live in Croydon, UK.

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