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James Bacon is a hyperenergetic conrunning Irish fan now resident in London who discovered fandom in 1990. He won TAFF in 2004, helped to found the Dublin Sci-Fi Club, and co-chaired LX, Octocon '96, Aliens Stole My Handbag, Damn Fine Convention, They Came and Shaved Us, and Brentcon 1.

He won the 2011 Best Fanzine Hugo with co-editor Christopher J. Garcia at Renovation for The Drink Tank (also nominated in 2012-2013). He has been nominated for the Best Fan Writer Hugo in 2011-2013. He won TAFF in 2004 and published the trip report WorldconNomicon. He edited Erisheen and The Brentford Mercury and is administrator of the James White Award. He ran Sproutlore, the first Robert Rankin fan club.

At LoneStarCon 3, he announced the formation of a Dublin in 2019 Worldcon bid, which won. He chaired the resulting Worldcon, Dublin 2019.

He also has devoted manic energy and imagination to some of the best children's programming to have been held at Worldcon (beginning in 2005 with YAFA) and co-edited Journey Planet which won the 2010 Nova Award for best fanzine.

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