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The 77th Worldcon, officially Dublin 2019: An Irish Worldcon, was held August 15–19, 2019, at the Convention Centre Dublin in Dublin, Ireland. Author Guests of Honor were Diane Duane and Ian McDonald, Editor GoH was Ginjer Buchanan, Science GoH was Jocelyn Bell Burnell, Gaming GoH was Steve Jackson, and Fan Guests of Honor were Bill and Mary Burns. The con did not designate an Artist GoH; rather, they had four Featured Artists: Maeve Clancy, Jim Fitzpatrick, Afua Richardson, and Sana Takeda. The Chair was James Bacon.

The convention booked extra space in a cinema complex 10 minutes walk away, but still struggled with queuing for programme items, but otherwise went very well, with some 5,800 attendees on site. The newsletter, The Salmon of Knowledge was run by the Plokta Cabal.

Dublin in 2019 was selected at Helsinki in a uncontested race (see 2019 Worldcon Site Selection).

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