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Easter Wine was a 52-page fanthology edited by Claire Brialey and Mark Plummer for the Eastercon Seacon03 in 2003. Copies were distributed to all members of the convention.

The scope was fanwriting or fanart by people who had been Eastercon Guests of Honour, both professional and fan. One piece, by Ian Watson, was original to the collection.

Author Title Source
Dave Hicks Cover
Mark Plummer 'How We Arrive at Easterwine' Editorial
Ken Slater 'A Military Approach' Frontier Crossings (1987 Worldcon Souvenir Book)
Ethel Lindsay 'Natterings' Scottishe #73 and 79
Peter Weston 'Slice of Life' Maya #8
Peter Roberts 'Meanwhile, Back in the Golden Age' True Rat #8
Robert Silverberg 'The Wrong Slant?' Spaceship #22
Leroy Kettle 'An Interview with Thomas M. Disch' Parker's Patch #3, Mota #21
Graham Charnock 'Snakehip's Dream' Stop Breaking Down #4
Jim Barker 'Phil Foglio Doesn't Exist' Drilkjis #6
Dave Langford 'Thirteen Things You Hadn't Thought To Believe In' Empties #13
Ian Watson 'A Tale of Two Fandoms' original to this collection
Avedon Carol 'Clues' Blatant #16
James White 'Preliminary Report' Götterdämmerung #6 and Idea #9
Christopher Priest 'Condom' Seamonsters #1
Greg Benford 'Stochasticities' Mainstream #8
Linda Krawecke 'Dhuty Now for the Fhuture' Six Shooter
John Jarrold 'Never Say Never Again' Empties #7
Pete Lyon Cover, Tiger Tea Tiger Tea #2
Greg Pickersgill 'Think I'm Going Back' Stop Breaking Down #5
Rob Hansen Covers, Tappen Tappen #1, 2 and 3
Pam Wells 'Fansecs Fantasies' Six Shooter
Roger Robinson 'Advanced Navel-Gazing for Beginners' Attitude #4
Colin Greenland 'How We Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Science Fiction' A Mexicon Decade (Mexicon 6 The Party Programme Book)
Paul Kincaid 'When Our Toys Were Taken Away: Science Fiction In The 21st Century' Steam Engine Time #1
Maureen Kincaid Speller 'Being Oliver Postgate' Blue Stocking Desperado #5
Martin Tudor 'Hell Hole' Have Bag, Will Travel
Chris Evans 'The Science Fiction of Margaret Thatcher' Prevert #13
Mary Gentle 'The Horror of the Regency ' Green Shadows and Sunlight
Chris Baker ('Fangorn') Covers, Progress Reports for Novacon 17 Novacon 17 Progress Reports #1, 2 and 3
Claire Brialey 'Afterword' editorial

Publication 2003
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