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(November 18, 1946 – )

Graham Charnock is a UK fan, writer and editor, first active in 1970s Ratfandom and long married to Pat Charnock.

He was part of the Britain in '79 Worldcon bid and on the Corflu 27 and Corflu 32 committees. He and Pat were fan guests of honour at Yorcon, the 1979 British Eastercon. He edited the Seacon '79 Programme Book.

His fiction has appeared in New Worlds, which he at one time edited and for which he received a nomination for the 1970 Best Professional Magazine Hugo. His website includes a selection of his favourite reports on British conventions by various writers -- these have been collected with additions in ebook form as Running Amok in the Fun Factory (available from Ansible Editions 2017; also trade paperback 2023).

He was the bassist for the band Michael Moorcock & The Deep Fix.

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