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(Did you mean Balticon, a convention in Baltimore?)

A series of regional Northern European sf cons, held 1993–2009. Swedish fan Ahrvid Engholm, who always had had an interest in fannish contacts eastwards got in touch with the Lithuanian sf club Dorado in Vilnius in the early 1990s. Through correspondence with, among others, Gediminas Beresnevicius and Romas Buivydas, it was decided to start a Baltcon to help foster the east–west fannish contacts in Northern Europe.

At Conscience '93 in Stockholm, a pre-Baltcon was held, where statutes and a board for the Baltcon sf con society were decided. The con would alternate between five Eastern European and five western European countries around the Baltic Sea (where Norway was included).

The first official Baltcon was the Lithuanian national sf con, Lithuanicon, in 1994. Baltcon has been held in Sweden, Lithuania, Finland, Poland, Latvia, and finally Russia in 2009, usually organised together with an existing con. Engholm was throughout the primary organiser, since the Baltcon board seldom was functional. With Poland and the Baltic states joining the EU, the need for the con diminished, but it led to more than a decade of regular fannish contacts between primarily Sweden and Lithuania.

(This article is based on Fandboken edition 0.95 by Ahrvid Engholm.)

Con Name Dates Locale Notes
1 Lithuanicon 1994 Lithuania
2009 Russia Final Baltcon

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