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FIS was a London-based fan group formed in 1981. Initially, it met every Sunday evening at The Queen Victoria in Ealing, an attracted much of active London fandom. In late 1981, many fans split away and were replaced by college students and meetings became monthly.

Linda Pickersgill published Friends in Space Report for the group.

It was later replaced by New Southern Friends in Space.

Rob Hansen penned 'The Almost-True Story of Friends In Space', a fictional account of FIS's founding for Larry Carmody and Stu Shiffman's fanzine Raffles. It was actually named for a fictional UFO-group in a one-off TV play of the same name. The founders included Hansen, Greg Pickersgill, Linda Pickersgill. Other fans who were members included Pam Wells and Avedon Carol.

It had become dormant by the mid 80s.

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