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Jon Singer at 4th St Fantasy (1991); Photo by Mark Olson

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Jon Singer is a fan who describes himself as a convention fan, occasional fanzine fan, musician, and food fan.

Con Committees: SunCon; was part of the Fan Room crew at Iguanacon; Corflu 6 (1989). He was part of the Flushing in '80 and Breckenridge in '85 hoax bids. He was part of the premier of The Mimeo Man at PgHLANGE VI. Clubs have included Columbia University Science Fiction Society, LASFS, Vanguard, and NESFA.

Fanzine Activities: Gestetner Owners Bulletin. Helped produce AKOS (issued once, in 1970, by FSFSCU and has contributed variously to Rune, Mainstream, and a few others. He has also belonged to various APAs, including (but not limited to) MinneAPA, Intercourse, and APA-Q. He helped published the Thoughtless Police Gazette at LAcon 2.

Awards, Honors and GoHships:

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