The Mimeo Man

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A fannish musical put on by a group that called themselves the Null A Players. It was a parody of The Music Man that takes place July 1912 in an alternate universe where SF became the mainstream of American Literature. Prof. Abie Dick comes to Nova City in the State of Gafia to sell reproduction supplies, priming the pump by promising the children that they will produce Hugo Award-winning apazines. He gets around the mayor's wife and her clique by converting them into a science fiction convention committee (NoCon). Just when things seem worst, true love wins out.

Lyrics by: Debbie Notkin, Eli Cohen, Moshe Feder; music by Meredith Willson. It was published in Quo Davis in 1974.


Known performances:[edit]

At the premiere at PgHLANGE VI, the cast and crew were:

The Mimeo Man online at

Show 1974
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