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Kaufman has been a fan writer and editor, convention fan, and book reader and lives in the Seattle area. His early fanac was in New York City where he lived in The Avocado Pit and later the Cinemansion (with Joe Siclari.)

His con committee activities also include: Corflu 5 (Seattle, 1988), Corflatch (Corflu 17, 2000), Corflu 26, and Potlatch whenever it's in Seattle. He was one of the leader of the Spawncon bid for the Australian Natcon. He published the final issue of Innuendo and is a member of Cascade Regional Amateur Press Association.

He was DUFF Winner in 1983, and was nominated for the 1977 Best Fanzine Hugo. (While on his DUFF tripe to Syncon '83, they created an unfortunately successful hoax bid, Seattle in '85 for the 1985 Australian Natcon.)

Other fanac: With Donald Keller, founded and ran Serconia Press, publisher of criticism and memoirs of the SF field; served on the Board of Directors of the Clarion West writers workshop; served as Jurist for the James Tiptree, Jr. Memorial Award.

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