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A hoax bid for the 1985 Australian Natcon which won.

Jerry Kaufman as DUFF winner attended the 1983 Natcon, Syncon '83. During the convention, he and Clifford R. Wind created a Seattle in '85 Australian Natcon hoax bid. Unfortunately, the business meeting thought it was pretty funny and made it much funnier by awarding them the Natcon by a vote of 21 to 18, defeating Adelaide in '85, the sole non-hoax bid. Quick negotiations worked out a deal where the "official" Natcon would be held in Seattle, but there'd be a convention in Adelaide, too...

Because fans always go by the motto "the spirit kills, but the letter gives life," the Aussies worked out a rules-based solution: The 1983 Natcon Business Meeting couldn't reverse the vote on awarding the 1985 Natcon to Seattle, but it decided that it could direct that the 1985 Natcon Business Meeting be held at Advention '85, the convention proposed by the Adelaide bid which came in second. Then, at the 1984 Natcon, Eureka!con, the Natcon Business Meeting declared Spawncon was ineligible due to not hosting those events, site selection was re-opened, and Advention gained the official right to host the 1985 Australian Natcon.

There's a discussion of that in File 770 47, p. 2.

Bid 1985
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