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Mainstream (Kaufman)
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(Do you mean an adjective meaning non-stf?)

A fanzine edited by Jerry Kaufman and Suzanne Tompkins. It was nominated for the 1991 Best Fanzine Hugo.

Issue Date Pages Notes
1 April 1978 1 A perzine
2 July 1978 4 A perzine
3 March 1979 20 A genzine, as were all subsequent issues
4 October 1979 30
5 May 1980 38
6 May 1981 48
7 June 1982 40
8 March 1983 38
9 October 1983 42
10 October 1984 46
11 March 1986 42
12 December 1987 48
13 September 1990 50
14-15 November 1992 74 double issue
16 May 1994 36
17 December 1998 60 final issue

Contributors included Doug Barbour, Gregory Benford, John Berry, David Bratman, Ginjer Buchanan, Eli Cohen, Dick Ellington, David Emerson, Gary Farber, Brad Foster, Terry Garey, Jeanne Gomoll, Tim Hammell, Teddy Harvia, Patrick Nielson Hayden, Andrew Hooper, Jay Kinney, Richard Labonté, Dave Langford, R. A. MacAvoy, Loren MacGregor, Ken Macklin, Sandra Miesel, Joe Pearson, Bill Rotsler, Jessica Amanda Salmonson, Bob Shaw, Stu Shiffman, Jon Singer, Craig Smith, Dan Steffan, Steve Stiles, Arthur Thomson, David Vereschagin, Ted White, Tom Whitmore, and Art Widner.

Mainstream online at

Publication 1978—1998
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