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(1954 -- March 30, 2016)

Morris Meltzer Keesan was a longtime Boston-area fan.

He maintained an active online fan presence from the early days of the internet, posting regularly to rec.arts.sf.fandom and SF-LOVERS. In 2014, Mike Glyer ranked him as one of File 770's most prolific commenters.

He regularly attended Worldcon, Boskone and other conventions, and frequently worked as a stage manager for theatrics and masquerades. Noreascon 1 was his first Worldcon, and he attended all of them.

He was a founder of the Newton South High School SF Club and subsequently an active member of NESFA, which he joined in the 1960s, as well as RISFA-North.

Along with his fan interests, Morris enjoyed music. He played saxophone with the Metropolitan Wind Symphony and the Summer Pops Band. He served as the music director and accompanist for NESFA's 1967 production of "Captain Future Meets Gilbert and Sullivan" performed at Westercon XX.

Morris was married to Lori Meltzer, and they have a son, Joseph. On Feb. 5, 2016, Lori announced: "I returned from the hospital this afternoon with very sad news: Morris is essentially dying. He has a primary brain tumor, also called a glioblastoma. It is too deep and without defined borders to operate, and will not respond effectively to radiation and chemo." Morris died on March 30.

(Photo taken at Noreascon 4 by Chaz Boston Baden.)

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