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Fanzine by Chicago-area fan Steven Silver from 2001–14. It was nominated for the Best Fanzine Hugo in 2008–10, and won the Chronic Rift Roundtable Award for Best Fanzine in 2009.

Published in paper and online annually beginning in 2001, Argentus was a general science fiction zine. Occasionally an online-only "Special Edition" was published, which focused on a specific theme. These included science fiction fans and authors on game shows (2005), conrunning (2009), and the completion of Neptune's first orbit (2011). The regular 2005 issue contained writing by authors who shared Silver's alliterative initials.

Contributors included Michael Appleton, Br. Guy Consolmagno, SJ:, Mike Glyer, John Hertz, Rich Horton, Fred Lerner, Rich Lynch, Cheryl Morgan, Michael D. Thomas, and Frank Wu. Several pros also contributed articles.

The cartoonists and illustrators who contributed to Argentus include Sheryl Birkhead, Kurt Erichsen, Stu Shiffman, Maurine Starkey, Steve Stiles, delphyne woods, and Frank Wu.

Each issue contains numerous articles on a variety of topics, which can range from a look at silent film comedians to the tolerance of science fiction fans. The final section of each issue is entitled a "mock section," in which writers are asked to write an entry based on a theme, such as reviewing a fictitious version of a film based on a favorite book. The mock section is separated from the main body of the zine by a lettercolumn.

Issue Date Pages Notes
1 Fall 2001 37
2 Summer 2002 36
3 Summer 2003 55
4 2004 41
Special Edition 1 2005 74 Argentus Guide to Game Shows
5 2005 25 The Alliterative Argentus
6 2006 43
7 2007 42
8 2008 41 Winner of the Chronic Rift Roundtable Award for Best Fanzine
Special Edition 2 2009 84 Argentus Presents the Art of the Con
9 2009 61
10 2010 39
Special Edition 3 2011 52 Neptune (issued the day Neptune completed its first orbit since its discovery)
11 November 2011 39
Special Edition 4 2012 31 From Argentus to Zenith
12 2012 37
13 2013 38
14 2014 68 Issued on the Centennial of Tucker's birth, it included a section in honor of Tucker rather than a mock section

Argentus at eFanzines.

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