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(Did you mean an early name for Peter Weston's Speculation?)

A fanzine, six issues of which were published from August 1941–June 1953 by Harry Turner and his future wife, Marion Eadie.

The first series issues of Zenith which appeared in Futurian War Digest were all illustrated verse. The second series issues were full-blown fanzines.

In 2012, Steven H Silver produced a special issue of his fanzine, Argentus, entitled From Argentus to Zenith, which reprinted an issue of Zenith, ran new articles with the same titles as in that issue of Zenith, and included a biography of Turner.

Issue Date Pages Notes
1 April 1941 3 In FWD 7
2 May 1941 3 In FWD 8
3 July 1941 1 In FWD 26. Last issue of first series.
Second series
1 August 1941 14
2 October 1941 16
3 December 1941 24
4 February 1942 26
5 April 1942 26
6 June 1953 24 Final issue of second series.
6A June 1954 4 done for SuperMancon Combozine

Publication 19411954
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