CAN*CON 2001

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CAN*CON 2001 -- the first CAN*CON in four years -- was held August 17-19, 2001 at the Chimo Hotel in Ottawa, Canada.

Author GoH was Robert J. Sawyer and Special Guest was Editor David G. Hartwell. Featured Guests included Writers: Julie E. Czerneda, Terence M. Green, Alison Sinclair, M.D. Benoit, Norma McPhee; Poet: Carolyn Clink; Artist: Larry Stewart (aka "The Doctor"); and Musician: Kurt Swinghammer.

It hosted the "First Annual Action Figure Video Contest", where amateur videos were solicited for judging. The program book included fiction by Julie E. Czerneda titled "'Ware the Sleeper", and an essay by Robert J. Sawyer, "The Future Is Already Here: Is There A Place for Science Fiction in the Twenty-First Century?".

After CAN*CON 2001, the convention went into an extended hiatus.

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