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CAN*CON '97 was held May 2-3, 1997 at the Chimo Hotel in Ottawa, Canada.

It does not appear to have had Guests of Honor, but the guests were Writers: Tanya Huff, Robert J. Sawyer, Fiona Patton, Derryl Murphy, Phyllis Gotlieb, Terence M. Green, Yves Meynard, Jean-Louis Trudel, Bertrand Desbiens, Mark Lefebvre, Mark Shainblum, Valerie Kirkwood, Eric Choi, Dale L. Sproule, Kathryn Cramer, John Park, Carol Weekes; Poet: Carolyn Clink;Editors: David G. Hartwell, Candas Jane Dorsey, John Dupuis, Paul Recchia, Sally McBride; Scientist in Residence: David Stephenson; Multimedia Artist: Jeff Green; Fan: Paul Valcour.

Tanya Huff published "The First 300 Words of an Untitled Contemporary Fantasy", and Robert J. Sawyer published "Frameshift: The Lost Opening Chapters" in the event's program book.

After CAN*CON '97, CAN*CON went into suspension for several years.

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