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A convention held in Moscow, ID from 1979 to 2001, run by Moscow Science Fiction Conventions, Inc. and organized by the Palouse Empire Science Fiction Association (PESFA), led by Steve Fahnestalk.

The University Idaho's MosCon Collection

Convention Dates GoHs
MosCon '79 September 29-30 1979 Verna Smith Trestrail, Alex Schomburg, Jessica Amanda Salmonson, Robert A. Heinlein
MosCon II September 12-14, 1980 George Barr, Jerry Sohl, Frank Denton
MosCon III September 25-27, 1981 Kate Wilhelm, Damon Knight, Tim Kirk, Suzle Tompkins
MosCon IV September 24-26, 1982 Marion Zimmer Bradley, Wendy Pini, Steve Forty
MosCon V September 23-25, 1983 Fritz Leiber, Kelly Freas, Georges Giguere
MosCon VI September 21-23, 1984 Alicia Austin, F. M. Busby, William R. Warren, Jr., Stephen Gillett
MosCon VII September 20-22, 1985 John Varley, Rick Sternbach, Richard Wright, Grover Krantz
MosCon VIII September 19-21, 1986 Dean Ing, Rob Quigley, Michael Goodwin, Bryce Walden
MosCon IX September 18-20, 1987 Jack Williamson, Steve Gallacci, Lorna Toolis, Julie Lutz
MosCon X September 23-25, 1988 Anne McCaffrey, Lela Dowling, Ken Macklin, Robert Forward, Ed Beauregard, Norma Beauregard
MosCon XI Not held, the committee helped run Banff International '89
MosCon XII September 14-16, 1990 C. J. Cherryh, Jane Fancher, Vladimir Gakov, Reed Waller, Kate Worley, Tim Gerlitz, Cliff Samuels
MosCon XIII September 20-22, 1991 Tim Powers, Julia Lacquement-Kerr, Dragon, Dr. Roger Fouts
MosCon XIV September 11-13, 1992 M. J. Engh, V. E. Mitchell, Armand Cabrera, Mr. Science, Leo Bustad
MosCon XV September 17-19, 1993 Barbara Hambly, David Martin, Victor R. Baker, Steve Fahnestalk
MosCon XVI September 16-18, 1994 Roger Zelazny, Gary Davis, Tam Gordy, Shelly Gordy, Gregory Benford
MosCon XVII September 15-17, 1995 Mel Gilden, Phil Foglio, James C. Glass
MosCon XVIII September 13-15, 1996 David M. Weber, John Shovic, Norma Barrett-Lincoln, Edgar Lincoln
MosCon XIX September 12-14, 1997 Larry Niven, Rick Sternbach, Betty Bigelow, David Bigelow, Poul Anderson
MosCon XX September 18-20, 1998 Kevin J. Anderson, Rebecca Moesta Anderson, Mark J. Ferrari, Steven Howe, Daron Fredericks, Deborah Fredericks
MosCon XXI September 10-12, 1999 James P. Hogan, Tara K. Harper, William R. Warren, Jr., Robert Ackerman, Dan Fears, Theresa Fears
MosCon XXII August 25-27, 2000 Frank Robinson, Donna Barr, Julia Lacquement, Thor Osborn, Tim Hammell
MosCon XXIII August 24-26, 2001 Jack Chalker, Tam Gordy, Shelly Gordy
MosCon Revival June 21-23, 2019 Rantz Hoseley, Cat Rambo, Richard Kadrey, Steve Fahnestalk, Lynne Taylor Fahnestalk, Vince Roux, Rebecca Mabanglo-Mayor, Sanan Kolva, Crix Lee

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