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(October 5, 1957 – )

Marcelle Lyn-Waitsman, a Chicago fan, has been active since the 1970s, when she was a student at Lane Technical High School, one of the first girls at the school and the first girl to run a club there, the Lane Tech Science Fiction Society.

She was a member of Thursday and of the board of directors of ISFIC. She has worked on many Windycons and Worldcons and co-chaired Windycon VII.

She pubbed the fanhistory fanthology 6 in 60.

Marcy Lyn married Barry P. Waitsman on February 8, 1981. For many years, the Lyn-Waitsmans hosted an annual New Years Eve party for local fandom. They founded Picnicon. They have two children, Paul and Shaina.

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