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(February 19, 1957 – May 16, 2021)

Jim Rittenhouse, a fan and apahack from Findlay, Ohio, lived in the Chicago area for many years. He was Apa Manager of TAPS. He founded and was OE of Point of Divergence, the Alternate History Amateur Press Association, a bimonthly APA. He was a judge of the Sidewise Award.

He founded Congenial in 1989. He worked on the Cincinnati in '88 and Chicago in 2000 Worldcon bid.

He was married, for a time, to Deirdre Murphy, his first wife; they lived in Milwaukee.

As an alternate history fan, Jim took great pleasure in the fact that the timeline controlling villainous organization in the 2016 television series Timeless was named "Rittenhouse."

He published the Catclave I Program Book, a mock program book with various articles for and against cats in 1983.

Awards, Honors and GoHships:

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