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(1951 --)

Priscilla Olson and her husband Mark are primarily print-SF fans. Both of them have been involved with NESFA Press's efforts to put neglected SF writers back into print and has edited numerous books.

Priscilla was born in Queens, grew up on Long Island, and met Mark in the Terminal Beach Club at SUNY/Binghamton and remains a member of Binghamton Fandom. A member of the New England Science Fiction Association, Priscilla has also served as the association's Vice-President.

She ran the SF/gardening APA, Secret Garden, contributed to If I Ran the Con. She coined the term "Prosucker."

Priscilla chaired Boskone 29 (1992), Boskone 38 (2001), Boskone 42 (2005), and Boskone 48 (2011). She introduced the Featured Filker to Boskone. She co-ran Programming at Noreascon Three and MagiCon and ran program at Noreascon 4 and is co-running program at MidAmeriCon II. She and Mark jointly ran the newsletter for the L.A.con III, the 1996 Worldcon in Los Angeles. She was part of the steering committee for Ditto 11 and organized FanHistoriCon 10.5 in 2001.

Awards, Honors and GoHships:

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