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Baycon (CA)
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(Did you mean a different Baycon?)

The regional Baycon has been held in the San Francisco Bay Area since 1982. Originally, it was sponsored by Artistic Solutions, Inc., a for-profit corporation (though it apparently did not pass profits on to its owners). In 2023, it was taken over by the Society for the Promotion of Speculative Fiction, a newly-formed 501(c)3 non-profit.


Convention Date GoHs, Notes
Baycon '82 November 26-28, 1982 Gene Wolfe, Frank Kelly-Freas, Lela Dowling
Baycon '83 November 25-27, 1983 James P. Hogan, Don Maitz
The con was skipped in 1984 and was moved from Thanksgiving weekend to Memorial Day weekend starting in 1985
Baycon '85 May 24-27, 1985 David Brin, Michael Whelan
Baycon '86 May 23-26, 1986 Spider and Jeanne Robinson, Gilbert, Jaime and Mario Hernandez, Art Widner
Baycon '87 May 22-25, 1987 Barry B. Longyear, Michael Kaluta, Mike Glyer
Baycon '88 May 27–30, 1988 Somtow Sucharitkul, Tom Kidd, John McLaughlin
Baycon '89 May 26-29, 1989 Orson Scott Card, Stephen Hickman, Terry Gish Berry
Baycon '90 May 25-28, 1990 Ben Bova, Iain McCaig
Baycon '91 May 24-27, 1991 John M. Ford, David Mattingly, Forrest J Ackerman
Baycon '92 (10th Anniversary) May 22-25, 1992 all past GoHs were invited, and most attended
Baycon '93 May 28-31, 1993 Harlan Ellison, Arlin Robins, Kevin Standlee
Baycon '94 May 27-30, 1994 Diane Duane, Peter Morwood, Rick Sternbach, Ray Nelson
Baycon '95 May 26–29, 1995 Joe Haldeman, Frank Lurz, Jordin Kare, Jana Keeler
Baycon '96 May 24–27, 1996 Jennifer Roberson, Mary Hanson-Roberts, Heather Alexander, Forrest J Ackerman
Baycon '97 May 23–26, 1997 Jack L. Chalker, Bob Eggleton, Craig and Sharon Nicolai
Baycon '98 May 22–25, 1998 S. M. Stirling, Alicia Austin, Michael Siladi
Baycon 1999 May 28–31, 1999 Kevin J. Anderson, Rebecca Moesta, Nene Tina Thomas, Jan Price
Baycon 2000 May 26–29, 2000 Esther Friesner, Baron Engel, Dave Clark
Baycon 2001 May 25–28, 2001 Rudy Rucker, Bill Hartmann, Kathryn and James Stanley Daugherty
Baycon 2002 May 24–27, 2002 Harry Turtledove, Theresa Mather, Christian McGuire
Baycon 2003 May 23–26, 2003 Greg Bear, Mark Ferrari, Janice Gelb
Baycon 2004 May 28–31, 2004 Michael Swanwick, Jael, Elayne Pelz
Baycon 2005 May 27–30, 2005 Jay Lake, Frank Wu, Kevin Roche, Andrew Trembley
Baycon 2006 May 26–29, 2006 Larry Niven, Jerry Pournelle, Jim Burns, Craig Miller
Baycon 2007 May 25–28, 2007 Alan Dean Foster, Diana L. Paxson, Richard Hescox, Linda Von Braskat-Crowe
Baycon 2008 May 23–26, 2008 Tim Powers, Todd Lockwood, Patty Wells
Baycon 2009 May 22–25, 2009 Mercedes Lackey, Larry Dixon, Tim Kirk, Fred Patten
Baycon 2010 May 28–31, 2010 Peter S. Beagle, Lee Moyer, Coleen and Steve Savitzky
Baycon 2011 May 27–30, 2011 Mary Robinette Kowal, John Picacio, Bobbie DuFault
Baycon 2012 May 25–28, 2012 Brandon Sanderson, Stephan Martinière, Scott and Cathy Beckstead
Baycon 2013 May 24–27, 2013 Lois McMaster Bujold, Cliff Nielsen, Chris and John O'Halloran
Baycon 2014 May 23–26, 2014 David Weber, Ursula Vernon, Sally Woerhle
Baycon 2015 May 22–24,2015 Seanan McGuire, Stephanie Pui-Mun Law, Caradwen Von Braskat-Arellanes
Baycon 2016 May 27–30, 2016 David Gerrold, Chris Butler, Anastasia Hunter
Baycon 2017 May 26-29, 2017 Daniel Abraham, Daniel Dociu, Christine Doyle
Baycon 2018 May 25-28, 2018 Tamora Pierce, Margaret Organ-Kean, Christopher J. Garcia
Baycon 2019 May 24-27, 2019 David Brin, Gary Villarreal, Wanda Kurtҫu
Baycon 2020 May 22-25, 2020 November 6-8, 2020 2021 Cory Doctorow, Galen Dara, Jean Batt
(postponed due to the Covid-19 epidemic)
Baycon 2022 July 1-4, 2022 Steven Barnes, Galen Dara, Jean Batt
Baycon 2023 July 1-4, 2023 Catherynne Valente, Tehani Farr, Brad Lyau, Laser the Boy, Brianna Wu
Baycon 2024 July 4–7, 2024 Ryka Aoki, Elizabeth Leggett, MariNaomi, Bonnie Gordon, Lady Phoenix (Raquel Santiago)

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