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Theresa Mather is a professional artist who has been working since 1989, although she points out that she's been drawing since she could hold a pencil. She chooses to work outside of gaming and publication, exhibiting and selling her work at SF convention art shows across the country. She and her husband Barry Short reside in Cedar City, Utah.

Theresa began her career with suites of replacement paintings for five antique carousels, plus some additional paintwork on a sixth. Two of these carousels are currently in permanent locations, one in Coeur d'Alene, ID, and a second located at Seaport Village in San Diego, CA. Another, formerly at Chase Palm Park in Santa Barbara, is slated for installation at the planned carousel museum in The Dalles, OR.

Theresa exhibits at over 70 shows each year and is the recipient of many awards, including Popular Choice Best of Show at ConJosé, the 2002 Worldcon.

Also, just for the record: the last name is Mather, not Mathers. Think Cotton, not Jerry.

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