James Stanley Daugherty

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(September 10, 1949 – )

James Stanley Daugherty was a conrunning fan and an art photographer. He chaired Westercon 61 in Las Vegas in 2008.

In the 2008 Denvention 3 program book, he described himself:

James Stanley Daugherty (BSc, University of Oregon (Archaeology); M Phil, University of Auckland (Anthropology); MFA, Art Academy College (Photography)) describes himself as a camera artist, con-runner, and dilettante. Internationally known for his fantasy, feminist, fine art, figurative, photography, this award winning artist continually pushes the boundaries of reality with his camera. James has also worked as an archaeologist, postman, technical writer, lab technician, librarian, photo journalist, cat breeder, international investor, and coconut plantation owner.

He was married to a fellow fan, the late Kathryn Daugherty. He formerly maintained residences in Maui, San Francisco and Las Vegas, but is now remarried, gafiated and lives mainly in Yucatan, Mexico.

Awards, Honors and GoHships:

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