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Folk music group from the Baltiwash area which has performed at a number of cons, including Balticon, Darkover Grand Council Meeting, Boskone 40, Constellation, BucConeer, and others in Maryland and elsewhere. Active from 1977-1988 and occasionally thereafter.

In addition to traditional and contemporary folk music, and original music, they sometimes performed songs such as “Benson, Arizona” (from the movie Dark Star) and “Science Fiction Double Feature” (from The Rocky Horror Picture Show). Clam Chowder was Featured Filker at Boskone 40.

Most of their recordings had cover art by Vicky Wyman; one had cover art by Merle Insinga. Members of Clam Chowder were also active in Markland.

Nominated for Best Performer in the Pegasus Awards in 2003. see here.

Awards, Honors and GoHships:

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