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(Did you mean a Rivercon award?)

The Pegasus Award is a series of filk awards given annually by the OVFF since 1984.

The categories vary from year to year. Four categories are relatively stable (see the first table) and the other categories change annually (see the second table).

The voting process has three stages:

  • A brainstorming phase, where voters make suggestions on-line.
  • A nominating ballot, where voters make up to five nominations in each of the six categories. The list generated by the brainstorming may be used as reference by the voters, but they are not constrained by it.
  • A final ballot where each voter gets to pick one choice from among the nominees in each category. This final balloting is done in advance and at OVFF.

Since 2008, the Pegasus Awards published a newsletter, Wing Words with information on the awards.


Year Best Filk Song Best Classic Filk Song Best Performer Best Writer/Composer
1984 Hope Eyrie by Leslie Fish
1986 Witnesses' Waltz by Leslie Fish
1987 Harbors by Anne Passovoy Julia Ecklar Leslie Fish
1988 Wind From Rainbow's End by Bill Roper Barry Childs-Helton and Sally Childs-Helton Mercedes Lackey
1989 Dawson's Christian by Duane Elms (and, tie) Arafel's Song by Kathy Mar and Mercedes Lackey Technical Difficulties Mercedes Lackey
1990 Lullabye For a Weary World by T. J. Burnside-Clapp Mitchell Clapp Julia Ecklar
1991 A Boy and His Frog by Tom Smith Tom Smith Tom Smith
1992 God Lives on Terra by Julia Ecklar Michael (Moonwulf) Longcor Jane Robinson
1993 The Green Hills of Earth by Robert Heinlein and Mark Bernstein Tom Smith Leslie Fish
1994 Drink Up The River by Kathy Mar (and, tie) PQR (You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet) by Tom Smith The Black Book Band Tom Smith
1995 Journey's Done by Steve Macdonald Michael (Moonwulf) Longcor Steve Macdonald
1996 When Giants Walked by Kathy Mar Heather Alexander Heather Alexander
1997 Road to Roswell by Karen Linsley and Lloyd Landa Urban Tapestry Rand Bellavia and Adam English
1998 When I Was a Boy by Frank Hayes Steve Macdonald Cat Faber
1999 The Word of God by Cat Faber Dave Clement Cynthia McQuillin
2000 Sam's Song by Zander Nyrond & Soren Nyrond Ookla the Mok Bob Kanefsky
2001 Strangers No More/ by Brenda Sutton Talis Kimberley Talis Kimberley
2002 Velvet by Talis Kimberley Three Weird Sisters Zander Nyrond
2003 Shooting Star by Michael Longcor Banned From Argo by Leslie Fish Dandelion Wine Cat Faber
2004 The Lady by Jodi Krangle Ladyhawke! by Julia Ecklar Urban Tapestry Kathy Mar
2005 Rocket Ride by Tom Smith Never Set the Cat on Fire by Frank Hayes Jeff Bohnhoff and Maya Bohnhoff Tom Smith
2006 The Girl That's Never Been by Michelle Dockrey I Want To Be Peter Lorre by Tom Smith Judi Miller Cynthia McQuillin
2007 Rich Fantasy Lives by Rob Balder and Tom Smith Falling Down on New Jersey by Mitchell Burnside-Clapp Mary Crowell and Seanan McGuire (tie) Talis Kimberley
2008 Uplift by Andrew Eigel Archetype Cafe by Talis Kimberley Vixy & Tony Seanan McGuire
2009 The Wreck of the Crash of the Easthill Mining Disaster by Brooke Lunderville Still Catch the Tide by Talis Kimberley Heather Dale and Ben Deschamps Vixy & Tony
2010 A Thousand Ships by Ju Honisch and Katy Dröge-Macdonald Fire in The Sky by Jordin Kare S. J. Tucker Heather Dale
2011 Wicked Girls by Seanan McGuire The Phoenix by Julia Ecklar Amy McNally S. J. Tucker
2012 Cheshire Kitten by S. J. Tucker Tiberius Rising by Rand Bellavia and Adam English Betsy Tinney and Wild Mercy (tie) Juanita Coulson and Mary Crowell (tie)
2013 Joan by Heather Dale and Ben Deschamps Second-Hand Songs by Jonathan Turner Alexander James Adams Talis Kimberley
2014 Paper Worlds by Talis Kimberley and Snow White, Red Road by Cheshire Moon (tie) Grandfather by Gary Hanak Cheshire Moon Tim Griffin
2015 My Story Is Not Done by Seanan McGuire Captain Jack and the Mermaid by Meg Davis Jeff Bohnhoff & Maya Bohnhoff Cat Faber
2016 Creatures of Dream by Batya Wittenberg Take It Back by Kathleen Sloan Play It with Moxie Barry Childs-Helton
2017 We Are Who We Are by Michelle "Vixy" Dockrey and Tony Fabris Alligator in the House by Betsy Tinney, Cade Tinney and S. J. Tucker Judi Miller Ju Honisch and Jordin Kare (tie)
2018 Pageant Legend by Katy Dröge-Macdonald & Ju Honisch Creature of the Wood by Heather Alexander & Philip Obermarck (tie) Random Fractions & [[Twotonic Leslie Hudson
2019 Lucy on the Line by Tim Griffin Ship of Stone by Don Simpson Playing Rapunzel Eva Van Daele-Hunt
2020 (tie) Child of the Library by Piers Cawley & Gill Cawley and Mordred's Lullaby by Heather Dale Somebody Will by Ada Palmer Margaret & Kristoph Andrew Ross
2021 Second-Hand Heaven by Lawrence Dean Nessie, Come Up by Jane Robinson (tie) The Faithful Sidekicks and Rhiannon's Lark Lawrence Dean
2022 The Entwife by Summer Russell Helva's Song by Cecilia Eng Jen Midkiff Cecilia Eng
2023 Following Our Dreams by Lawrence Dean Die Puppen (The Dolls) by Eva Van Daele-Hunt Summer Russell Lauren Oxford

Year Award Winner
1984 Best Male Filker Bill Maraschiello
Best Female Filker Julia Ecklar
Best Parody Twelve Years at Worldcon by Frank Hayes
Best Original Humorous Filk Song Unreality Warp by Clif Flynt
1986 Best Male Filker Bill Sutton
Best Female Filker Leslie Fish
Best Parody Daddy's Little Boy by Murray Porath
Best Original Humorous Song A Reconsideration of Anatomical Docking Maneuvers in a Zero-G Environment by Diana Gallagher
1987 Best 'Ose Ian the Grim by Clif Flynt
Best Schtick Unreality Warp/Kinda Mediocre Actually by Clif Flynt and Bill Roper
1988 Best Historical Song Song of the Shieldwall by Malkin Grey (Debra Doyle) and Peregryn Wyndryder (Melissa Williamson)
Best Media Song Superman's Sex Life Boogie by Tom Smith
1989 Best Fantasy Song Wind's Four Quarters/ by Mercedes Lackey and Leslie Fish
Best Techie Song Do It Yourself by Bill Sutton
1990 Best Fannish Song Weekend Only World by T. J. Burnside-Clapp
Best Literature Song Daddy's Little Girl by Julia Ecklar
1991 Best Love Song Velveteen by Kathy Mar
Best War/Vengeance Song Temper of Revenge by Julia Ecklar
1992 Best Tribute Madame Curie's Hands by Duane Elms
Best Genre Crossover Return of the King by Tom Smith
1993 Best Humorous Song Rhinotillexomania by Michael Longcor
Best Space Song Lightsailor by Barry Childs-Helton
1994 Best Children's Song Monsters in the Night by Diana Gallagher
Best Risque Song Like a Lamb to the Slaughter by Frank Hayes
1995 Best Military Song When Tenskwatawa Sings by Michael (Moonwulf) Longcor
Best Sing-a-Long/Choral Song Acts of Creation by Cat Faber
1996 Best Eerie Song Bloodchild by Joey Shoji (and, tie) Monster in My Head by Michael (Moonwulf) Longcor
Best Spiritual Song Circles by Gwen Zack
1997 Best Science Song World Inside the Crystal by Steve Savitzky
Best Sorcery Song The Dark Is Rising by Susan Cooper and Julia Ecklar
1998 Best Myth Song Cold Butcher by Steve Macdonald
Best Adaptation Mary O'Meara by Poul Anderson and Anne Passovoy
1999 Best Fool Song Operation Desert Storm by Tom Smith
Best Hero Song A Toast for Unknown Heroes by Leslie Fish
2000 Best End of the World Song Out of a Clear Blue Sky by Jane Robinson
Best Food/Drink Song 307 Ale by Tom Smith (and, tie) My Jalapeno Man by Debbie Ridpath Ohi
2001 Best Computer Song Tech Support by Jeff Hitchin
Best Creature Song Least of My Kind by Cat Faber
2002 Best Chilling/Spine-Tingling Song In a Gown Too Blue by Brenda Sutton
Best Song That Tells a Story Horsetamers Daughter by Leslie Fish
2003 Best Parody Knight's in White Satin by Jeff Bohnhoff and Maya Bohnhoff
Best Original Humorous Song My Husband the Filker by Bill Roper and Gretchen Roper
2004 Best Comic Book Song Arthur Curry by Rand Bellavia and Adam English
Best Tribute A Simple Country Doctor by Matt Leger
2005 Best Space Opera Song Signy Mallory by Mercedes Lackey and Leslie Fish
Best Sword & Sorcery Song Threes by Mercedes Lackey and Leslie Fish
2006 Best Battle Song March of Cambreadth by Heather Alexander
Best Torch Song X-Libris by Talis Kimberley
2007 Best Dorsai Song Shai! by Steve Simmons and Steve Macdonald
Best Song of Home Emerald Green by Michelle Dockrey amd Tony Fabris
2008 Best Comic Book Song Black Davie's Ride by Cynthia McQuillin
Best Tribute Close Your Eyes by Daniel Glasser
2009 A Little Bit Country Stray Dog Man by Bill Sutton
A Little Bit Rock and Roll Six-String Love by Vixy & Tony
2010 Best Mad Science Song What a Woman's For by Seanan McGuire
Best Magic Song Where the Magic Is Real by Paul Kwinn
2011 Best Comic Book Song Evil Laugh by Seanan McGuire
Best Tribute As I Am by Heather Dale
2012 Best Gaming Song I Put My Low Stat by Mary Crowell
Best Travel Song No Hurry by Michelle Dockrey
2013 Best Fairytale Song Dryad's Promise by Betsy Tinney
Best Alien Song Little Fuzzy Animals by Frank Hayes
2014 Best Adapted Song Midichlorian Rhapsody by Jeff Bohnhoff
Best Song of Passage Outward Bound by Cat Faber
2015 Best Time-Related Song Precious Moments by Phil Allcock
Best Adapted Song Grabthar's Silver Hammer by Steve Macdonald
2016 Best Adapted Song Six Transit Genitalia Centauri by Bob Kanefsky
Best Exploration Song Starsoul by Roger Burton West and Jodi Krangle
2017 Best Horror Song Dear Gina by Seanan McGuire
Best Perky Song Chocolate is a Vegetable by Graham Leathers
2018 Best Roadtrip Song (tie) Oregon Trail by Tim Griffin and Road to Santiago by Heather Dale
Best Song About Community Many Hearts, One Voice by Steve Macdonald
2019 Best Sing-Along Song Gone Filkin' by Tom Jeffers
Best Family Song Golden Rule by Sabine Kinder
2020 Best Media Song Goodnight, Sarah Jane by Talis Kimberley
Best Space Song Following in Valentina's Footsteps by Valerie Housden
2021 Best Mad Science Song I Built A Time Machine by Eric Distad
Best Cheery-Ose Song Tiny Kraken by Rhiannon's Lark
2022 Best Furry Friend Song Underfoot by Jen Midkiff
Best Song That Tells A Story Nine hundred and ninety-nine by Mich Sampson & Marilisa Valtazanou
2023 Best Adapted Song (tie) Come to Mordor by Jeff Bohnhoff and Meat by Kathleen Sloan
Best Science Song (tie) Poisoned Apples by Don Neill and Shoulders of Giants by Tim Griffin

Award 1984
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