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(1948 --)

James Robinson, known as Jane Robinson prior to 2004 sex reassignment surgery, is a fan, filker, and con-runner. He worked on Consonance and with Unlikely Publications and was briefly on the Board of Off Centaur Publications. His partner was Cynthia McQuillin.

James, along with Lynn Gold and Alan Thiesen, is one of the founders of Fanfare Music, the charity that runs Consonance. Dr. Jim served on the Consonance concom from 1998 through 2016. He chaired the con 11 times.

"Dr. Jim", as he is widely known, has a Ph.D. in biology, specializing in paleontology. Many of his songs are about fossils, dinosaurs, and related subjects. For example, his song "Plesiosaurnithology" answers the following question, which was also the topic of his Ph.D. dissertation: When a plesiosaur went for a swim, did it move its arms in a rowing motion or a flapping motion? The song is vastly more entertaining than its apparently boring subject matter might suggest. His song "Out of a Clear Blue Sky", which won a Pegasus Award for Best End of the World Song, describes the extinction of the dinosaurs, brought about by the impact of a massive comet.

His recordings include "Dr. Jane's Science Notes" (later reissued as "Wackademia"), "Fossil Fever", "Dr. Jane's Remains", "Bedlam Cats" (with Cynthia McQuillin, Kristoph Klover, and others), and "Midlife Crisis" (with Cynthia McQuillin).

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