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Cheshire Moon is a filk group comprised of married couple Lizzie Crowe and Eric Coleman. They met at DucKon 18. Their first performance as a duo was during Eric's solo show at Capricon 30. Their first performance as Cheshire Moon was at DucKon 20.

They have released four full-length CDs, Ways Of Wind & Water, Crowes & Consequences, The Midnight Contingent (in two versions, duo and full band) and 52 Songs Project as well as three EPs, The Summer Singles, The Summer EP and The Winter EP.

They have played at the following conventions: Archon, Balticon, Boskone, Capricon, Conflikt, Confluence, ConFusion, Consonance, Detcon1, DemiCon, DucKon, FilKONtario, ICON, InConJunction, Indiana Comicon, MidAmeriCon II, Midwest Comicon, Minicon, Musecon, OVFF, Windycon.

Awards, Honors and GoHships:

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