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A fanzine published in the UK by John D. Owen of Pagnell, Bucks, UK.

Issue Date Pages Notes
1 June 1977 20 Short articles on Peter Beagle, Robert Pirsig, Mr. Fox, Tolkien, Tanith Lee & Mary Staton, all written by John D. Owen.
2 Late 1977 24 Short articles on Katherine Kurtz, SF/Fantasy art books, Tom Robbins, Kate & Anna McGarrigle, Dance in fiction, Bill Starr, all written by John D. Owen. Small loccol.
3 1978 32 Cover by Martin Helsdon. Articles by Andy Muir (on Philip K. Dick’s ‘We Can Build You’), Joseph Nicholas (on Tolkien’s ‘The Silmarillion’), Patrick Holligan (‘The Quality Of Mersey’, on meeting Paul McCartney), Peter Presford. Plus articles on ‘The Generation Gap In Rock’, Ry Cooder, Gerard O’Neill’s ‘The High Frontier: Human Colonies In Space’, by John D. Owen. Small loccol.
4 1981 28 Cover by Martin Helsdon. Articles by Dave Wood (on rock music), Paul Kincaid (on rejections), Peter Presford (on heroes). Plus articles on Norman Spinrad, A Literary Spectrum and The Doors by John D. Owen. Other art by Stephen Lines, Terry Jeeves and Geraldine Charles. Small loccol.
5 February 1982 32 Cover by Steve Lines. Articles by Steve Sneyd on future holidays), Mary Gentle (on Mildred Broxon’s “Too Long A Sacrifice”), Iain Ewing (on Philip K. Dick’s “Valis”), plus articles on travel, Norman Spinrad and John Martyn by John D. Owen. Art folio by Martin Helsdon. Lively loccol.
6 August 1982 48 Oriental issue. Cover by JDO (after Hokusai). Articles by Martyn Taylor (on Kurosawa), poem by Judith Buffery, Mary Gentle on Cordwainer Smith and Somtow Sucharitkul, Toa-Zen poems by David Thiry, Peter Presford on the Orient, Andy Sawyer on Merseyside music. Plus articles on ‘The First Fanzine’ and Asimov’s Foundation trilogy by John D. Owen. Art by Steve Lines and JDO. Lively loccol.
7 March 1983 56 Cover by Steven Fox. Articles by Arnold Akien (on the state of SF), Allan Jones (Sf travel), Ken Mann (on terrorism), David R. Morgan (on Innocence), fiction by David Thiry. Plus article on Meritocrassee by John D. Owen. Art by Steven Fox, David Hicks, Joan Hanke-Woods and JDO. Lively loccol.
8 1984 56 Cover by Steven Fox. Articles by Andy Sawyer (on Arthur Machen), David Thiry (on the Klan ), Ian Covell (on H. Beam Piper), Nic Howard (on Ecstasy in literature), Allan Jones (Sf travel). Plus articles on Mary Gentle’s “Golden Witchbreed” and precious items by John D. Owen. Art by Steven Lines, Iain Byers, Earl Geier and Pete Lyon. Lively loccol
9 October 1984 56 Cover by Steven Lines. Articles by William Bains (on Martin Luther), David R. Morgan (poetry), Martyn Taylor (on Alfred Bester’s “The Demolished Man”), David Bateman (on theatre groups), Kev Rattan (on hating fandom). Art by Martin Helsdon, Steven Lines, Shep Kirkbride, ATom, Brad W. Foster. Lively loccol.
10 October 1985 36 Cover by Steven Fox. Articles by Skel (on loccing), ‘Jan 54’ (on the Samaritans), plus articles on ’lecturing to lecturers’ and ‘a right wing takeover of Tolkien’ by John D. Owen. Art by Steven Fox, Joan Hanke-Woods, Brad W. Foster and Steven Lines. Lively loccol
11 1986 36 William Morris issue. Cover from William Morris. Article on Morris by Ian Covell. Other art from William Morris. Lively loccol.
12 1987 40 Music issue. Cover by Brad W. Foster. Articles on music by John D. Owen, Chuck Conner and Martyn Taylor, plus Dave Collins on fanzine art. Art by Shep Kirkbride, ATom, Dave Collins, Martin Helsdon and Sheryl Birkhead. Lively loccol.
13 June 1987 48 Cover by Ship Kirkbride. Articles by William Bains (on PhDs), Dorothy Davies (on the Green Man), plus articles on ‘allergies’ and ‘fashion’ by John D. Owen. All art by Shep Kirkbride. Lively loccol. Note: first issue produced using Apple Mac computer and laser printer.
14 February 1988 48 Cover by Steven Fox. Articles by Mary Gentle (on Richard III), Andy Sawyer (on Lord Dunsany), Mal Ashworth (on Douglas Mayer). Art by Steven Fox, Peter Crump, Shep Kirkbride, Iain Byers, Martin Helsdon, Dave Collins, Harry Bell & ATom. Lively loccol.
15 February 1989 40 Final issue; Cover by Krischan Hall. Articles by Hilary Robinson (on Northern Ireland), Skel (on the state of SF), Sue Thomason (on Sculptor Fenwick Lawson), Mic Rogers (on Honesty). Art by Krischan Hall, Steve Lines, Steven Fox, Shep Kirkbride, Peter Crump and Martin Helsdon. Lively loccol (plus The Last Ripples, locs on CS15).

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Publication 19771989
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