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ConFusion 14 PB. Pictured, clockwise from bottom left: Stilyagi Air Corps members Wayne Gillis, Mike Gould, Dave Henrickson, Zita Kutkus, Roger Gregory, ??, Randy Bathurst, Sandi Lopez, Larry Tucker, Uncle Albert, ??.

The 1977 ConFusion named ConFusion 14 was held January 28–30, 1977, at the Ann Arbor Inn, in Ann Arbor, MI. The GoHs were Poul Anderson and Ro Lutz-Nagey.

There was also an impressive list of "Special guests" who, in spite of their stature, do not appear to have been GoHs: Lester Del Rey, Judy-Lynn Del Rey, Gordy Dickson, Fred Pohl, Clifford Simak, Jack Williamson and Lou Tabakow.

The toastmaster was Jim Martin, it was chaired by Zita Kutkus & Lary Ward, and attendance was about 450.

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