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Also known as the Hamilton-Brackett Award, an award honoring Edmond Hamilton and Leigh Brackett Hamilton. The award was presented at the Spellbinders Foundation in Sonoma County, California at Octocon. The winners were selected by a vote of the convention's attending members.

The award was originally named the Edmond Hamilton Award, but following the death of Brackett on March 18, 1978, subsequent awards were named for both authors.

Year Winner
1977 Camber of Culdi, by Katherine Kurtz
1978 The Forbidden Tower, by Marion Zimmer Bradley
1979 Midnight at the Well of Souls, by Jack L. Chalker
1980 Titan, by John Varley
1982 "The Dust," by Somtow Sucharitkul
1986 The Peace War, by Vernor Vinge

Note: although Reginald's Science Fiction and Fantasy Awards appears to indicate that some awards were given to the author in general, Richard W. Gombert's World Wrecker: An Annotated Bibliography of Edmond Hamilton indicates the award was presented for a specific work, either short story or novel.

Octocon was only held through 1982, but Reginald's lists a winner for 1986, the mechanism for selecting the winner following the end of Octocon, or presenting the award is unknown.

Award 19771986
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