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Henry Hasse. Photo by Forrest Ackerman.

(February 7, 1913 – May 20, 1977)

Henry Louis Hasse, a Los Angeles fan and pro active from the 1930s through the ’70s, collaborated with A. Fedor, Ray Bradbury, Albert dePina and Emil Petaja, and shared the penname E. Theodore Pine with Petaja. He was a member of LASFS.

He unsuccessfully tried to champion sfn as an abbreviation for scientifiction, but it didn’t take, and fans stuck with stf.

Wally and Jim-E Daugherty dedicated the July 1945 second issue of their fanzine, Fan to him; it featured four of his short stories, a précis of his career to that point and the news that he was done with writing “till further notice.” But stories by Hasse continued to appear in the prozines.

For a time in the 1940s, he was married to second-generation LASFan Dorothy Finn, daughter of the club’s one-time Director, Helen Finn.

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