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(1952 --)

Gwyneth Ann Jones is a British SF and fantasy author and critic. She was educated at Notre Dame Convent, 1963-1970; University of Sussex, 1970-1973, BA (in the history of ideas, with honors). She worked in the Civil Service and then in the Employment Service after graduating from college. She began writing as a teenager and has been a full-time writer since the mid-1980s. Jones has published several YA fantasy and horror novels under her Ann Halam pseudonym.

First Novel: Water in the Air, (Macmillan, 1977) [a YA fantasy novel]; First Adult SF Novel: Divine Endurance (Allen & Unwin, 1984); First collection: Identifying the Object (Swan Press, 1993).

Other early works written under her own name were Water in the Air (1977), The Influence of Ironwood (1978), The Exchange (1979), and Dear Hill (1980). Later works published under her own name were The Hidden Ones (1988) [a YA novel], and Flowerdust (1993) [described as a "quasi-sequel" to Divine Endurance].

YA novels written as by Ann Halam include King Death's Garden (1986), Daymaker (1987), Transformations (1988), and The Sky Breaker (1990) [the last three novels making up her "Inland Trilogy"]. Other Gwyneth Jones adult SF novels include Escape Plans (1986), Kairos (1988), and White Queen (1991); a sequel to White Queen was North Wind (1994). More recent novels written as by Ann Halam were Dinosaur Junction (1992), The Haunting of Jessica Raven (1994), The Fear Man (1995), Crying in the Dark (1998), The NIMROD Conspiracy (1999), Don't Open Your Eyes (2000), The Shadow on the Stairs (2000), and Dr. Franklin's Island (2001). Castles Made of Sand (2002) appeared under her own name..

Jones is also a critic and reviewer; and a collection of her essays and reviews was issued by Liverpool University Press in 1999, under the title Deconstructing the Starships: Science, Fiction and Reality. Midnight Lamp, published 2003, is the third novel in the contemporary fantasy series following Bold as Love and Castles Made of Sand. Life, a fictional biography, published in 2004, is a near-future SF novel. Published in 2006 was the novel Rainbow Bridge.

Interviews with Jones have appeared in Locus, for example, "Magical Science" in the January, 2004, issue.

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