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(1942 –)

Chelsea Quinn Yarbro is an active fantasy/SF author who ran a science fiction club, the Fanatics, from the mid-1960s through the 1970s. In person, she does not use the name Chelsea at all, but is called Quinn.

Her group nurtured a generation of Bay Area fans. The club published at least two issues of a fanzine, The Voice of the Gryphon -- the cover was drawn by Quinn and included the phrase "Today is the first day of creation."

Quinn was the unofficial fourth chair of the 1968 Worldcon, Baycon -- Bill Donaho, Alva Rogers, and J. Ben Stark, the official chairs, were frequently referred to as "Donaho, Rogers and Stark, tra la" with Quinn taking the role of the "tra la."

She was married to fan artist Don Simpson in the ’70s.

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