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Unicon (CA)
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(Unicon is a popular convention name. Here are the others.)

Unicon was a convention series in the LA area. It's really difficult to tell if they were a single coherent series, if 'Unicon' was simply a name California fans used for what were essentially onesie conventions, or if they were entirely independent. Note that Unicon/Fancon and Unicon 6 were in the LA area, while Unicon 1989 was in the Bay Area. It's all a muddle!

Convention Dates GoHs
Unicon/Fancon August 12-13, 1978 Bjo Trimble
Unicon 1989 June 24-25, 1989 none?
Unicon 6 November 5, 1994 Gene Henderson, Benita Gagne

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