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A fanzine published in the UK by Dave Wood, Ken Potter and Irene Gore Potter.

Issue Date Pages Notes
0 Easter 1954 2 In Supermancon Combozine.
1 October 1954 44 Editors Dave Wood, Ken Potter and Irene Gore.
2 August 1955 58
2.5 1955 22 "Belle Lettre 1."
3 April 1958 20
4 Spring 1960 36 Credited to Ken & Irene Potter. Ron Bennett’s review: “Suffers from poor duplicating, but this fault can be easily overlooked.Damnit, this is Brennschluss, and who amongst us can remember when the previous issue appeared? Printed on rainbow coloured paper, this humourzine makes a welcome re-entry to the Zinescene with material by Mal Ashworth, Dave Wood, George Locke, Ken Potter, Don Geldart (a terrific piece on Japanese life) and Irene Potter. A magazine to be read during an off hour — like, for cheering you up.”
5 1961 18 In OMPA 29.
6 1966 42 Final issue. Credited to Ken & Irene Potter. Ron Bennett’s review: “Once upon a time, way back in the murky reaches of the forgotten sixth and the dusty seventh fandoms, there was a fanzine named Brennschluss. It was a darn good zine, full of personal Potter gems, big names and esoteric humour. Ah ... how are the mighty ... keeping up the good work! This is well up to the Potter standard, with homely verbal doodles from Mike Moorcock, Mal and Sheila Ashworth, Nigel Lindsay, Ken and Irene and the far too infrequently published Don Geldart. The duplicating is a little thin at times but the overall atmosphere of, to me, nostalgic, good faanish humour isn't.”

Publication 19541966
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