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Other Worlds Science Stories was a digest-sized prozine edited/published by Ray Palmer, the former editor of Amazing, who wanted a SF magazine of his own. The first issue was dated November, 1949, and listed Robert N. Webster (a Palmer pseudonym) as editor. Other Worlds was suspended after its thirty-first issue (July, 1953), and Palmer began Science Stories, a similar magazine. In 1953 Palmer took over Universe Science Fiction, which had already seen two issues published under the editorship of a George Bell (another Palmer pseudonym). With the third issue, dated December, 1953, Palmer was listed as editor and publisher. After 10 issues the name of Universe Science Fiction was changed back to Other Worlds. Then, after another 12 issues, the title was changed to Flying Saucers from Other Worlds (June, 1957, issue). The magazine continued to publish SF for a few issues, but after September, 1957, was solely about UFOs; and the title became simply Flying Saucers, supposedly a non-fiction magazine.

Palmer later stated that he changed the names of his magazine for financial reasons, and others have concluded that Other Worlds Science Stories, Science Stories, Flying Saucers from Other Worlds, and Universe Science Fiction were all the same magazine. It should be mentioned that former SF fan, Bea Mahaffey, was coeditor of all of the Palmer SF magazines.

Between 1988 and 1996, six issues of another SF magazine titled Other Worlds were published by Gryphon Publications of Brooklyn. This magazine was edited by Gary Lovisi, longitme editor of Paperback Parade.

Publication 19491957
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