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Sue Mason is a British fan artist who has worked in fanzines, con-running and other works. She became part of fandom in 1982 and has worked many conventions.

She was the winner of the Trans-Atlantic Fan Fund in 2000, describing herself in her platform statement as "gamer, filker, costumer, dealer, apahack." She is a member of the Plokta Cabal. She edited The Old Grey Wassail Test and did the artwork for the Australia in 2010 Worldcon bid (see: How to Start a Worldcon Bid in 24 Hours or Less). She is a member of TWP and has been a judge for the Rotsler Award. Some of her work was collected by Alison Scott in No Moose Today, Thanks. Alison also published her TAFF report, Into The Wide Purple Yonder, in 2023 (Available at TAFF website)

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