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Corflu 39, aka Corflu Pangloss — The best of all possible Corflus, under the circumstances — was scheduled to be held March 18–20, 2022, but in January 2022, due to the Covid-19 pandemic and committee illnesses, it was postponed to October 21–23, 2022, at the Best Western Plus Sands in Vancouver, BC.

It was chaired by Ulrika O'Brien. The Corflu GoH was Garth Spencer, the Lifetime achievement award went to Geri Sullivan, and Claire Brialey was named fwa Past President for 2021. Corflu 40 confirmed for Belfast, NI, in 2023, to be chaired by Tommy Ferguson and Sandra Bond.

The concom pubbed Jiant Shoulders, a fanthology, for the occasion.

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